We're a Neighborhood Association!

Friends of Leclaire is excited to announce that we are now an officially recognized Neighborhood Association with the City of Edwardsville. As a neighborhood association we can further enhance our mission to promote Leclaire heritage through advocacy, education, and community involvement. We now have formalized recognition for activities that the Friends have been promoting since 1991.

The Edwardsville City Council recently created the Neighborhood Association Program to promote the unique character and livability of our neighborhoods. There are several of these programs found throughout the country, but Edwardsville’s program is the first in the Metro East. And we’re proud to be the third registered Association in Edwardsville.  

As a Neighborhood Association, Friends of Leclaire will continue our focus on education, volunteer cooperation, and neighborhood beautification and social activities. One important reminder, we are not a Homeowners Association (HOA), which means Friends of Leclaire will not be enforcing any rules and regulations on Leclaire property owners.

The best part about being a recognized Neighborhood Association, the ability to apply for financial incentives. Part of the City’s program is the Edwardsville Neighborhood Enhancement, Recognition and Grant Initiative or ENERGI grant program. The program will provide matching funds up to $5,000 for small scale neighborhood improvement projects. The goal of the grant is to assist our residents in beautifying and enhancing their neighborhood to foster a sense of pride and identity.

Friends of Leclaire is already underway in planning for our first grant application. We’ll have more information on that project soon. Needless to say it will be a nice addition for Leclaire Park. Until next time, your Friends in Leclaire.