Researching Historic Properties

Would you like to know more about the history of a historic property in Leclaire?  Before you embark on a primary research project, check to see if historical research already exists for your property. Friends of Leclaire, the Madison County Historical Society, and the Genealogy Room at the Edwardsville Public Library are all good places to begin your search.  If the information you find among these resources is insufficient, then you will wish to conduct your primary research at the office of the Madison County Recorder.

Once you have finished researching a property's deeds and plats, revisit local libraries and archives to look for historic photographs and blueprints. You may also find great information from city directories, census information, newspapers and Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps.

Instructions on how to research a historic building; a chain-of-title worksheet, a list of resources that are available at other institutions; a bibliography; and a directory of local archives and libraries are available for downloading.

For more information about conducting research in Leclaire, contact Friends of Leclaire's Research and Education Manager at (618) 656-1294.